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[IMPORTANT] MythicalFrost Rule Book
The completion of the rule/tutorial quiz on the server or the terms of service agreement on the forums is a tacit contract that states you have fully read and will abide by all rules listed here.  Failure to do so will result in appropriate punishment of the offending person/s.

MythicalFrost Rules Section

Failure to follow these rules will lead to warnings, temp-bans, forum-bans to be utilized at staff's discretion.
  • Be respectful to others at all times.  In other words, do not be disrespectful, racist, sexist, prejudiced, etc. to anyone or any social group at any time for any reason–we will not tolerate it.
  • Do not spam the forums.
  • Do not advertise real-world businesses or blogs.
  • Signatures will not be taller than 400 pixels.
MythicalFrost Rules Section:
Stability within the MythicalFrost community is achieved through the numerous rules governing how one should conduct themselves, and the punishment of those who fail to follow them.


• Lv.0 : written warnings and player kicks.  Written warnings are given to players whose rule breaks are deemed minimally severe, but still need to be addressed as being negative.  Player kicks are brief, forceful disconnections from the server often due to chat disruptions.  Kicked players may rejoin the server seconds after they are kicked, and often the kick itself is viewed as a warning against further infractions of a similar nature.

• Lv.1 : temporary mutes (mute/temp-mute) and temporary bans (temp-ban).  Temporary mutes are given to players when they have accumulated numerous warning or kicks against chat disruptions, or 3rd party players who have requested staff to unban friends for any reason.  Temporary mutes are often set to last between 10 – 15 minutes, after which players may chat again.  Temporary bans are prolonged disconnections from the server given to players whose actions deserve a punishment greater than a temporary mute, but less than Lv. 2 punishments.  A temporary ban requires that the player make no ban appeal, as their ban will be lifted after a certain time period has been met.

• Lv.2 : bans and permanent bans (perma-ban).  Bans are given to players who have engaged in a serious breach of the server’s rules, or when players use alternate accounts to evade previous bans.  A ban will remain in effect until the offender submits a correctly formatted ban appeal on the server forums, and the server’s staff accepts this appeal.  A permanent ban is given to repeat offenders who broke the server’s rules on multiple occasions. After 2 – 3 repeated and appealed bans, staff members will institute a permanent ban on an account’s name.  This ban is usually* unappealable even if the offender submits an appeal.  In the event of a player advertising another server’s IP, or engage in an illegal behavior within the server, staff will automatically institute a permanent ban on an account.  (* Means that–in some cases–permanent bans have been appealed, but are very difficult to even be considered)

• Lv.3 : Internet Protocol Ban (IP ban).  This punishment is reserved for repeat offenders who use alternate accounts, or placed on top of some permanent bans in some instances.  This ban denies access to the server from a person’s electronic device through their Internet service provider.  An IP ban is entirely unappealable from the offender’s standpoint.

  [b]Server Rules:[/b]

[b]1:  Do not grief – Punishment: Lv. 1 – 3 

  A.     Do not modify any build that is not yours in any way without permission of the build owner.  This includes the addition or subtraction of any gameplay element from one’s build, such as: blocks, crops, items, animals, NPCs, etc.  
[b]  B.     Even if a build appears abandoned, is abandoned, or is griefed already, one does not have the right to grief it.[/b]

[b]2: Chat Etiquette – Punishment: Lv. 0 – 3 

  A.     Be respectful to others at all times.  In other words, do not be disrespectful, racist, sexist, prejudiced, etc. to anyone or any social group at any time for any reason–we will not tolerate it.

  B.     Profanity is tolerated, but not at other people.

  C.     Do not give players answers to the tutorial questions.

  D.    Do not be annoying in chat.

  E.     Do not welcome newcomers with a rude or gross comment.  For example: “Whalecum” instead of “Welcome”.

  F.      Do not advertise other servers in chat; players are permanently banned for this offense.

  G.     Do not type in all caps and do not spam.

    g1.  The limit on caps lock is 4 words or 15 letters.
[b]    g2.  Spam is sending the same message multiple times within one minute, typing too many lines of gibberish into chat, or sending teleport requests over and over when denied or asked to stop.  The server definition of spam is outside of any dictionary definition; do not argue with staff over this.[/b]

[b]3: Build Etiquette – Punishment: Lv. 0 – 3

  A.     Do not build death traps to kill other players.

  B.     Do not build within 100 blocks of other people without their consent.  They maintain the right to ask you to leave.

  C.     If you use 1x1 towers, be sure to tear it down when you’re done; the same goes for temporary shelters.

  D.    If you build something of a sensitive nature, make sure it is hidden where others will not see it.  For example: Nazi swastikas, redstone-powered, jerking-off statues, racially stereotypical builds, etc.  (Yes, these have happened.)

  E.     Do not build near spawn.  This includes: homes, shops, or anything else.
[b] [/b]
[b]4:  About Cheating – Punishment: Lv. 2 & 3

  A.     The use of x-raying, orefinder, etc. mods is not allowed.  This includes hacking or using resource packs.  Using them will result in a permanent IP-ban.

  B.     Use of duplication exploits is not allowed.  Report any you find to a staff member immediately.  Cheating results in a permanent ban.
[b] [/b]
[b]5: Miscellaneous – Punishment: Lv. 0 – 3 

  A.     Do not ask to be given ranks or to have items spawned in.  Ranks are earned, and this is a survival server where all items are found or traded.

  B.     Players maintain the right to ask trespassers to leave their property for any reason at any time.  Frequent, repeat trespassers will be dealt with appropriately.

  C.     Player-killing outside of PvP arenas is not allowed on this server.

  D.    Do not ask staff to unban a player for any reason.  They have to make a proper appeal on the MythicalFrost forums.

  E.     Do not use alt accounts to circumvent bans.

  F.      Do not post pornographic or adult website URLs in chat
[b]  G.     Staff-members are not obligated to disclose information regarding the details of a player’s ban.  Constant, unwanted requests for disclosure of details may be punished under rule 2A and 2D of chat etiquette.
  H.   The use of alts to solely increase one's financial standing on the server is prohibited and will be punished at staff's discretion.
Check out the server rules here:
[IMPORTANT] Mythicalfrost Rule Book
Make sure you follow the ban appeal format here:
Ban Appeal Format
I would like to make note that in real life, most law systems are flawed because the judge must always follow what's written rather than just make a conscious and specific choice for the situation. This is not a thing here, if the staff feels that what is being done is unfair, obscene etc. then a punishment can be given as long as it is within reason.

If for instance, that punishment might be a ban, you are allowed to protest and persuade all you want. However, insulting us will not help at all.

This applies to punishments that are in game too for a NON-WRITTEN RULE ONLY. Protesting is allowed for NON-WRITTEN RULES because they are NON-WRITTEN which means that they are subjected to opinion. However, protesting a rule that is written for any means except "I didn't do it" is not allowed. This means you CAN NOT try to tell us that it is okay to grief for a specific reason as this is a written rule.

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