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Ban Appeal Format
WARNING: Do not break any forum rules and follow the format. Breaking rules on forum or not following the rules will result in forum ban.

Make sure to use the ban format to appeal!!!

[b]Minecraft name:[/b] Your text

[b]Reason for your ban:[/b] Your text

[b]Who banned you:[/b] Your text

[b]Why should you be unbanned:[/b] Your text

[b]Why do you want to come back:[/b] Your text

Ban Appeal Rules
1.Be Honest when your ban appeal
2.Do not ask staff member to review your ban appeal / Be Patient
3.Post ban appeal on your own thread. If you post it on someone ban appeal thread you will be automatic deny
4.Make sure to use ban appeal code to appeal or your ban appeal will not get accepted and it will be deny
5.Do not ask your friend to appeal for you. We will find out easily and then your appeal will get deny and you will be from forum
6.Make sure your effort into your ban appeal and do it correctly
7.Use the ban appeal format to appeal (Copy it then paste it on your own thread then type your text in)
8.You must put a lot effort into your appeal if you don't your appeal will be automatic deny
9.If you were writing appeal for X-Ray you MUST put in a lot effort into it like as you were writing an essay or your ban appeal will be automatic deny

Do not post on an appeal UNLESS:
- You are involved in the ban either your a victim,offender,witnesses and if you have the evidence post it.
- You are Staff Member
- If someone didn't follow rules or the format. You can only post proper format or link to format if a staff member haven't reply to it yet.

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